New Book out there, launched in May 2019, “Vild mad i køkkenet” – Book is only in Danish.

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In April 2017, my book Vild – Naturen ind i køkkenet (Politikens forlag) came out. The book opens up my world to anybody who wishes to go out and forage edible plants themselves. The book is divided into sections after the different biotypes, such as The Beach, The Forest, and The Field, describing what plants you can find there and when. The book also includes recipes with the wild plants as main ingredients.

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Vild – Naturen ind i køkkenet is more a handbook for foragers and gatherers than a book on plants or mushrooms, and that makes the book very inspiring indeed! The stylish pictures in a modern Nordic range of colour make reading the book into a good experience.

I have tried some of the book’s recipes of ground elder in white sauce and grilled nettles with parmesan, which left me hungry for more. The recipes in the book are fantastic, and most of them are quite easy.

The only real problem with the book is that you find it hard to finish, as you would much rather head straight out and start foraging, tasting, and sensing the wild nature.

Therefore, a wild thank you to Thomas Laursen for sharing his knowledge and interest!

The Danish Outdoor Council


A fantastic book. Period. The overall message, the text and the illustrations all combine beautifully. Easy to navigate index and delicious recipes. If you have just the basic interest in using all the green around you, this book is close to a revelation. Go for it.

The Danish Library Centre


That is why Vild – Naturen ind I køkkenet should be heaped with praise for being an unusually beautiful and brilliant book. Vild – Naturen ind I køkkenet is one of those gastronomical volumes which is made for longevity.



Vild – Naturen ind I køkkenet’s extreme degree of usability is due to the division of the book into the biotypes where you might find wild food: The City, The Hedge, The Forest, The Meadow, The Field, The Beach etc. It undeniably makes the first step into foraging easier, as you can start by stepping out into your own garden and gathering dandelion, ground elder, chickweed, and elderflowers … For me, it is key that Laursen so precisely presents the kind of food I want to make, and that the illustrations convey the rustic aesthetics of the simple and the natural, which entices you to get started.

Søren Frank, Berlingske


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