I give talks about my work with gathering wild plants. I attend many food festivals, in Denmark and abroad, and conduct workshops with show cooking. I like sharing my knowledge with other people and presenting them with tastes of herbs, berries, seaweed, fruit and even ants – everything wild nature has to offer.


Gastro-gathering is another name I use for it! I guide people on fieldtrips, preferably in their own area, so they can use what they learn afterwards and bring the wild into their everyday life. A fieldtrip might take 1-2 hours or longer, it can start with a presentation and end with a meal.


I have helped several companies with product development, and am currently part of various collaborations, where I provide my expertise on wild nature to established producers in an effort to create new products.


I also do co-cooking events, where I curate, provide the ingredients, and structure a day around wild food. I can adjust the contents of the event to your wishes and possibilities – as an open creative day in the kitchen or a more structured event with a planned menu. I have held events with 6-200 participants and I have experienced people to support events of all kinds.


Courses for restaurants, training centres, schools and other. 

I provide longer courses on gathering of wild plants, mushrooms, and berries. These courses can vary in form and scope. The course might take its inspiration from the local environment, be spread over the seasons, so we can follow the plants through their different stages, and finally the course might include preparation, techniques, and arrangement.



In recent years I have contributed to a number of projects, large and small, such as VILD MAD (an app for gatherers), Smag for livet (an interdisciplinary research- and education centre, focusing on flavour as part of learning experiences and as scientific subject), Arla Fondens MADlejr (a foodcamp for older schoolchildren), and Foodjam (a kitchen event at Roskilde Festival). I have been providing ideas, been part of finding the right people for the jobs, preparing volunteers for their roles, writing up material, and training people for the projects, amongst other things.