Gin and Thomas

In November 2018 I made a small batch of wild gin. Wildfooding Gin!

Wild Gin!

My Wild gin contains seabuckthorn,  juniper , douglas pine , mugwort, wormwood , hops , pineappleweed, elderflowers, sumak, wild carrot, blackcurrant branches, angelica, meadowsweet, watermint, sweet cicely, woodruff, rowan, lingonberries, gojiberries, cranberries, burnet rosehips, seabuckthornberries, sloeberries, japanese and common quince.

First come?

I made 200 bottles of gin – it’s a wild only gin with only  wild edibles, all  foraged by me. Its called Wildfooding gin – batch 1 – what else could it be.  I have chosen not to add ants.

Im selling and shipping. Price is 500 danish kroner, shipping is 60 in DK. Pay via mobilpay on 77805 – Wildfooding, and send me a pm with your address to


I don’t know much about destilling, but I had great help from braenderietenghaven who did the destilling with me.


Drink on ice, in GT or how you like it.

First come – first serve 200 numbered bottles – enjoy.