There’s so much food out there – go and get it!

It’s a wild time for wild food! For me gastronomy is the engine – that is my spark. I feel happy down to my toes when I find something wild and then create a delicious meal with it as the main ingredient. I want to share that feeling – it’s as simple as that!

There is a simple and fundamental grounding to be found in searching, finding, and gathering. The brain relaxes and you become one with time and place – there is something primitive and magical to it. Down to the ground, find the plants, and make tasty food.

Nature is magic! Wild plants, mushrooms, seaweed, berries, and roots are the reason we can survive and explore this earth. I am grateful to be in the world and be able to use it greedily and joyously. I support the idea that we should use wild nature. Nature is an ever-changing process that plants and animals adapt to continuously. Nature is not a permanent museum exhibition to remain untouched by man. Nature is a place where we belong, and we should use it with consideration and protect it.

All foragers keep some secrets to themselves and places where they only go to gather alone. But it is also a great joy for a forager to pass something on. It might be new experiences, discoveries, ideas, or techniques – information and knowledge that help to re-establish our care for nature. As we use nature and learn to appreciate it, we will also re-learn to respect it.


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